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Trip to Cali… So far

Traceling out to Rosamond, CA to help my Dad celebrate his 85th birthday with all my siblings. Started today 4:30-wish, then picked up my ride to the airport. The flight to Dallas was delayed, so they put me on an earlier flight. Good overall first leg of the two.

Meanwhile, back at home, my daughter awoke with a painfully stiff neck that prompted my wife to take her to the ER. That prompted me to check in with insurance (individual market place has not been my friend) to see if I have a policy number for her yet. The fax I sent on the 11th was not found in the state system, therefore she has no coverage. Thankfully nothing was serious, but I will have to sort that out when I return.

While trying to check on insurance from the Dallas airport the most unruly, screaming child drowned out my conversations. Finally, airport security (??) showed up to help. Come on, parents… public place.. people on the phone. That child runs the household, I fear.

Boarding final plans in a bit.

A Little Getaway… Reasons for running

Last night I got to spend the night with my wife in a swanky little spot called “Holy Redeemer Hospital”, Room 30xx. She got the bed. I got the recliner. She got the pain pump. I got the pain in the neck.

Surgery went well yesterday, but recovery will take a while, as well as adjustments to what was, isn’t, but will be in the future. My wife is a courageous lady. After the surgery all the news has been good. Praise God.

One of the reasons for my wanting to run and work towards fitness is simply to make sure I am around and able for when my family needs me. Glad to put up with a little nagging soreness and be here at this time my wife needs me.

Rainbows to enhance the drive home.

Rainbows to enhance the drive home.

Belated April Running Report

All through April I progressed toward my goal of running for 60 minutes. I reached that goal in early May, but even the best of goals and approaches aren’t necessarily the healthiest. Last Friday I ran and was pretty sore afterward in the lower legs.

After that 4.75 mile 5K a couple weeks ago I’ve been really wanting to seek out a massage therapist, preferably one who practices mylofascial release technique. I found a podiatrist in town who is an ultra runner. Bingo — who ought to know more about lower leg pain than someone who MUST have had this once in a while. The doc was a nice guy but talked incessantly, practices “traditional” techniques, and wants me to come back after I can comfortably touch my toes in three weeks. I’ll go back and touch my toes, and then continue my search. Oh well.

I rested all week and went back out today for 4.25 miles. It felt really nice at the beginning, but in retrospect I think I knew I went out too fast. 9:21 pace…not the 10:00 pace I am aiming for in building my base.

I will keep on stretching to touch my toes and work on strengthening…consistently.

Hope she has a better day

Wow. Pulling into a parking lot, the driver behind me was trying to get around me. I took an open spot to get out of the way. Just to make sure there were no hard feelings for whatever reason, I apologized for my indecisiveness. I wasn’t sure I was being heard, so got the lady’s attention. Her response: “Just shut up.” I was just trying to be polite. “You just shut up.” Sheesh! Hope everything’s all right with her soon.

Unplanned sort of 5K

My wife and daughter signed up for a 5K Walk for Freedom (Truth for Women project). Instead of the run I planned today I went with them to run the 5K. I was intending an enjoyable pace. Something was not right when we seemed to be going only one direction, no turns, and my app showed 2 miles. I eventually hit the “1 1/2 Mile turn around” and headed back. The director used a pedometer to measure out the distance. In all the distance was about 4 3/4 miles. Kind of funny, but I wasn’t planning that pace.

This was not a bibbed event…just a fundraiser for a great cause. The woman lead and I both finished first. Curious what my 5K would have been. They clocked my time as 40:43.

After finishing I visited the massage therapist. Ouch! She hit all the most painful spots. “You’ve got a lot going on there.” She’s not kidding. She did say it can be fixed. I sure hope so.


do you ever get really motivated to do something and you get really excited about it and then when you get home you’re just like nah

Feeling a near pull in my right leg after yesterday’s 5.6 mile run and subsequent 3.8 mile walk. Might have worked my leg a little sore with hard massages. Wrapped the leg most of the day. Let’s see what a good night’s rest does.

"Boston Run"

I kept an easy steady pace for 5.6 miles today — aimed for 55 minutes for this loop. 10:05 per mile. I have been aiming for a 60 minute run. I’ll run like a two mile run on Wednesday, and then aim for 6 on Saturday. Soaked in a cold bath for a little bit to see if I can quicken my recovery. 

Excited to see Meb win the Boston. Good effort for Shalane. Wished for her a better result.

Why is it sometimes those ‘easy runs’ feel anything but easy? 3 1/2 miles today at target pace anyway. Came back sneezing up a storm so I must have picked up a load of pollen.

NOTE: That’s not pollen. That cold finally caught up to me…explains a lot.

Liking the splits

Took a run break at work. My aim is to run minutes, and not concentrate on the miles. Aiming for a 10 minute pace kinda works. I like the splits in this one. Working my way to running for an hour…almost there.

Still running with tight calves and heels, but keeping myself from doing too much too fast.

1 Year Later

It’s been a year since I was laid off from my previous job of 8 1/2 years. Though this is where I mostly runblog, it is a significant time to reflect. Being laid off was a kick in the gut at the time, but has provided a series of new beginnings: New job in the new year; new church where to minister; new disclosures to deal with in a healthy way. Very thankful for God’s care in it all. Resonating with Psalm 46 today.

Feb Running Recap

Now running over 30 minutes at a time, unless my wife says dinner is in 25 minutes, but that wasn’t until April.

Still achy, but progressing. I got to see my son and his girlfriend complete the Philly Love Run 1/2 Marathon on Sunday (miserable weather for spectators. Just heard about neighbor girl having signed up for a 1/2 in Bethlehem.

Here are pictures from the Philly Half. Topped off the day with a visit to a newly-discovered used book shop on Fairmount Ave, Philly.