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Cobs on the grill! #tastethegoodness #grillin

Cobs on the grill! #tastethegoodness #grillin

New digs. After 8 weeks off no running I am off to a slow start with new shoes. No foot pain from the sprain. Still working on Achilles tendinitis, but working with PT for now.

New digs. After 8 weeks off no running I am off to a slow start with new shoes. No foot pain from the sprain. Still working on Achilles tendinitis, but working with PT for now.

Cairn University Highlander XC Invitational at Core Creek Park, near Langhorne, PA.

LEAN! Love the start of #xc meets. #cairnxc #runblr

LEAN! Love the start of #xc meets. #cairnxc #runblr

A Week’s End

Unusual week. After Labor Day my wife had her post-op visit from last week’s surgery. The results don’t yet match what she was hoping for so she is questioning the decisions she has made. Time will tell.

A new volunteer started helping with cleaning the church. The man is a former pastor who has been suffering a disease that has removed much of his speech and ability to remember too much at one time. He has been a great worker, but I have to learn how to interpret phrases that don’t make sense to me. I am told he may think he is communicating something intelligible to him, but what comes out is “take the place.” This comes with different inflections, so I might be able to discern some different meanings from the way he says what he says. It’s a good lesson for me to study this gentle and hard-working man. I pray it brings him joy to make a contribution.

Tomorrow is Cairn University’s invitational XC meet. Likely won’t see any PR’s with high temps and humidity expected. If it is cloudy, that might help.

Go Highlanders!

First Day of School Blunder

Well-intentioned, but blunderous.

Today is our daughter’s first day of 10th grade where she will have mixed grades in classes for the first time. I thought I was doing my wife a favor to let her sleep in. Any day, but not today. She was broken-hearted that she missed seeing our daughter off.

Our Slice of Life Today

I am enjoying the quiet of a courtyard outside the St Mary’s medical center cafeteria as my wife endures the final surgical procedure following her mastectomy in May. We are both so ready for her to put this behind and be as fully healed as possible. Hope to see her in an hour or so and make her smile.

Our oldest son took off for a fun weekend with college friends before venturing to New England for a 3-month work opportunity we all hope translates into something longer term.

Our second son thought his bike would be okay THIS ONE TIME without being locked. Wrong, unfortunately. I am praying someone is just borrowing it and it will reappear (a bit optimistic).

Our daughter begins her last weekend of summer by working at the pool. One more workday, and then school.

Had my last PT appointment before revisiting the orthopedist next week.

PT and such

It’s been since July 16th since I’ve last run and I’ve been exercising for the physical therapist for about 4 weeks. I still feel some tenderness in spots, but am working to be consistent. Exercises/stretches include:

2 sets of 20 toe curls with an elastic band

2 sets of 20 toe curls dorsiflexed

4 sets of 15 heel raises (last set with need bent)

2 sets of 2 minute towel scrunching (need to get this one done)

3 sets of calf stretches with twists

3 sets of plantar foot stretches

Next week I go back to the orthopaedist to find how I am progressing.

Travel Day

Son number 1 moves briefly from DC to home today before leaving for DC again on Monday. The brief time at home needs to include the purchase of a car. I’ll be on the road to DC very shortly.

Silly poplars! It’s not fall yet.

Silly poplars! It’s not fall yet.

Sprain Update

Wednesday was the first PT visit. I was able to arrange coming once a week for the next 4 weeks. This week’s exercises are working the plantar fascia (toe curls and toe curls in dorsi flexion), and the achilles (heel raises). Doing these twice a day, but just once yesterday. Next visits will be on Tuesdays.

Last evening we visited a drive in theater to watch Guardians of the Galaxy (meh) and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (good acting and plot line). Didn’t get home until quite late and was up early for church duties. Enjoyed a kids musical this afternoon, and looking forward to sleep.

Chill on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Chill on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Sprain, sprain, go away!

I finally got to the orthopaedic doctor yesterday. She said that I probably have a mid foot sprain, besides achilles tendinitis and muscle weakness. Tomorrow I visit the physical therapist — round 1. I will really need to find out how to lower the cost at $40 copay per visit. Hopefully there is a way to make that happen.

Summer catch up…running on hold

I am overdue on monthly running re-caps… I believe it was in May that I achieved running for 60 minutes…Ah the bane of my running: striving for achievements without listening to my body.

Shortly after that 60 minute run I was having more heel problems. I wanted to see a massage therapist, but kept putting it off. I cut back in my mileage, and sometimes only got out once a week.

The week of July 12th I left for a missions trip with my church to the Dominican Republic. I got in two good runs, and then played capture the flags with too much intensity. After jumping down, jumping over, jumping down, etc, etc, jumping, my right foot was very sore by the end of the night. The next morning it was swollen. I returned home the 19th, and the swelling went down, but the pain remained. 

I fear I achieved a stress fracture in my foot. I finally got that massage, and now I am seeking a good orthopaedist.

Lessons are hard, but I am hoping for some good professional help toward proper recovery.